Rates and conditions


  • Prices are provided on request
  • Translations are charged per standard line (55 characters, including spaces) based on the original text
  • One page contains 25 standard lines
  • The rate per standard line may vary depending on the difficulty of the text
  • A 25% surcharge applies to urgent orders (same day) and work on week-ends and public holidays
  • Minimum fee of EUR 50 (for texts containing less than 25 lines)
  • Changes to the original text which lead to additional translation are considered and charged as new translation work
  • Flat rates may be negotiated for large orders
  • Delivery by e-mail, other means of delivery (by post etc.) on request


  • Fee per hour provided on request

Machine translation post-editing (MTPE)

  • Fee per hour provided on request


  • Fee per hour: EUR 35